Society rejects, God accepts.

When we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

When you feel so deep, when you think so hard.
All alone in this world when you think you are.

When you try to say, but you have no words.
Then you stay away you have no more trust.

When you ask someone, they say you’re wrong.
Then you feel this thing and you try to be strong.

Deep inside you there’s a broken heart.
But you hide this thing and you make a new start.

You mend your heart, you make your mind.
You look ahead and stay aside.

Now you don’t believe any person here.
You walk alone and take your care.

Still there are tears in your beautiful eyes.
But you hide them behind your perfect smile.

And then the day comes you were waiting for.
The gift of immortal life you have.

Your all hard work your all good deeds.
Our faithful God fulfilled all your needs.



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