I know what I am doing, but I don’t know what to do.
This way seems very easy, but the gate is narrow too.

It is a long run, I sometimes feel insane.
The weather is so dry, with no shower of rain.

If I will stop to breath, this way will lead me wrong.
But I’ll not have to wait, if I will run along.

This way leads to a paradise, where good people only dwell.
That place is full of beauty, where each person wears jewel.

I can see the path I am walking on, it is made up of gold.
Here you can find everything, but nothing can be sold.

There is no need of sun, yet everything is bright.
You too can see this place, if you only follow right.

Now I can feel the fresh breeze, and take in fresh air.
I don’t have to run more, and no more burdens to bear.

I fell relax being here, my all rewards are given.
Such a beautiful place it is, and this place I know is Heaven.



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