I’m the patting rain which makes you calm.
The shining moon having beauty in its scars.

Picturesque rainbow in the dark blue sky.
Toughest mountains that seem so high.

The chirping birds make sound so sweet.
Fresh green grass coming under your feet.

I’m a million stars that shine at night.
And the burning sun in the morning sight.

Something that affects your spirit the most.
But you can’t acquire it at any cost.

I can tell you more about myself.
But many won’t be able to understand.

You have no time to stand and stare.
Having no more love for me to share.

Can you guess who I’m and where do I live?
The pleasure you get is what I give.

I’m deeper than the deepest ocean.
God made me beautiful in His devotion.

Well, just let me tell you the open secret.
This is what I’m the beauty of nature!

– Janita


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