When we do not get what we wish for,                                                                                       Our desire for it day by day grows more.

We chase it with our deepest desire,                                                                                      Because it is what our hearts admire.

That uneasiness is not in our control,                                                                                        We cannot figure out its stupid role.

We find ourselves in the middle of nowhere,                                                                          And we feel that the other side does not care.

It is something that we never knew,                                                                                          Would be in our lives for a day or two.

Near to our lives we consider that thing,                                                                                  This thing is what continues to sting.

We just keep on fighting with our life,                                                                              Knowing that it is not a worthy strife.

We lose it bad and it takes our part,                                                                                    Leaving us unfit to make a new start.

This wish of ours stays unfulfilled,                                                                                             Our lively part it has finally killed.





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