“Oh look at the one there is still a spark left.
Let’s blow it away or we will be theft.”
Hey bright soul, turn your ears to us.
We don’t want to create any fuss.
But as you are now a part of society,
You have to abide by the rules during party.
As long as you live you can make your choice.
But remember to never raise your voice.
You will have to work on one part of life.
Then later you’ll be told it’s an unworthy strife.
You are allowed to smile anytime you want.
But always smile at the society’s taunt.
You can pursue your dreams our dear friend.
But the dream will be told to you as per trend.
The most important task you have to do,
Is to create a mask as you walk through.
And not just one as you’ll have to change,
According to the society’s crucial range.
And once you have reached your ripened age,
We will let you stand on auspicious stage.
You will have to tell your progeny,
The life you lived was carefree.
And when you are done you will be told,
To seize new ones whom you will mold.
That is all dear pal we portray as life.
We blow away sparks and let the souls strive.

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