Mr. Stupor He.

A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars. It’s a woman who never gives up on you but you never realize her worth.🌌 She’s more than you deserve, A heavenly entity on earth. She’s lovely, pure and bold, More than the cosmos worth. She’s a heroic struggler, […]

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Live your way.

It was when I started to realize, that you have to live your way. You don’t have to care, whatever people may say. You were born to be disparate, unique is your identity. Stronger than you think is within you your ability. This path will make you stronger. It’s Beyond your imagination. One day you’ll […]

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And yes there comes a time when you regret everything. When you hate everything. Everything around you. Every breeze around you. Every ray around you. Every breath around you. Every sensation. Every thought. Every feeling. Every voice. Every touch. When you start hating your breath which keeps you alive. Your heart that never takes rest. […]


The Journey Begins.

Thanks for joining me. Warm welcome 🙌 Does that question disturb you? Well YES, I guess sometimes. May be you can’t figure out your purpose or your identity on this platform of Earth. Or may be you consider yourself as small as a tiny particle of sand on a seashore. Is it like something chasing […]

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