As They Always Do.

When you feel all left out on your own, And the world shuts down its door at you. Then you keep a boldly look and smile, And you walk as if nothing has bothered you. Your heart doesn’t ache for it anymore, As you now have found it’s not justly for you. The ones of […]

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A picture worth 100 words

  I lived a life of love and care, for me this world was very dear. I aimed to give some hope and joy, from time when I was a little boy. I thought to pursue my only dream, Play melody throughout which I gleam. And in my youth I had hit the sky, There […]

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little child

    I wish you had a little time for me, A little so I could be me. I wish you could understand me better, A bit so I could be me. I wish you were able to read my face, And understand what I am feeling. I wish you could see this world from […]

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Mathematics! Mathematics! Where are you from? ‘I am from your teacher’s home.’ Tell me please what do you want? Should I give you my happiness all? You are quite in boring form. Come to mind and give a storm. When you were in baby style, I gave you my perfect smile. I thought I was […]

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Oh My Dear!

Dear one when you took your last breath, We thought you would take a breather. But you entered the darkest gates of death, We could not hold ourselves together. Our eyes were still waiting for you, We were still joining hands in prayer, Believing our yearning would come true, Hoping no news would break to […]

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Some people in your life do come, To diminish your agony and numb. They are no one to you. Yet strive to upkeep you. They do not know your pain. But they step with you in lane. They do not know your way, But they know your brain that sway. They make you smile inside, […]



The dream in your eyes one day will come true. The desire of your heart soon will be heard. You will see the world coming out for your help. Every face soon will be smiling on you. A strong undying helping hand. A person to always listen to you. The sky will be blue, the […]

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What you accept, accepts you. What you take for granted, takes you for granted. What you invest in, invests in you. What you live for, lives for you. What you feel, feels you. What you allow, allows you. What you deny, denies you. What you reject, rejects you. What you love, loves you. What you […]



Why do we always count the nature of human by defining it through their dark side. Knowing that they are being of their own madness. Stumbling through self created barriers. Not knowing what they feel. Little kids from hearts. Cherishing while watching their loved ones. Jumping on a trampoline while in every next turn are […]



“Oh look at the one there is still a spark left. Let’s blow it away or we will be theft.” Hey bright soul, turn your ears to us. We don’t want to create any fuss. But as you are now a part of society, You have to abide by the rules during party. As long […]